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Overall Rating
"Driver drove safely and was lovely, especially considering it was so early in the morning! Would definitely recommend."  on 18-Jul-2017
"Driver turned up on time and let me know plane was late. He ha to leave the site and return but got in touch with passengers to let them know. "  on 17-Jul-2017
"Unfortunately the driver could not find our property so he arrived 25 minutes late, however we had allowed plenty of time to get to the airport and arrived on time. All went well on the return journey and we will use them again"  on 30-May-2017
"Very good service bus was a bit aged but the driver was a good crack"  on 18-Mar-2017
"We had a 6am call from our taxi driver and are so grateful he waited as we would have missed our flight as we weren't long back from a party! He was very friendly (didn't get his name unfortunately) and the service was excellent. We made the airport in plenty time. Thank you"  on 03-Mar-2017

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Testimonials Average rating is 3.9/5 based on 177 reviews

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MATT DOIGE  on 12-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was very helpful. Supplied the boosted seats we needed."
KATHERINE WOOD  on 18-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Driver drove safely and was lovely, especially considering it was so early in the morning! Would definitely recommend."
PAUL TOWERS  on 17-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Driver turned up on time and let me know plane was late. He ha to leave the site and return but got in touch with passengers to let them know. "
CHERIDA KELLY-EDWARDS  on 30-May-2017 Verified Rider "Unfortunately the driver could not find our property so he arrived 25 minutes late, however we had allowed plenty of time to get to the airport and arrived on time. All went well on the return journey and we will use them again"
GORDON SUTTON  on 18-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "Very good service bus was a bit aged but the driver was a good crack"
NIAMH SHEAHAN  on 03-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "We had a 6am call from our taxi driver and are so grateful he waited as we would have missed our flight as we weren't long back from a party! He was very friendly (didn't get his name unfortunately) and the service was excellent. We made the airport in plenty time. Thank you"
FRANK CLARK  on 07-Feb-2017 Verified Rider "Will book again. Very good service. "
JACKELLEY  on 06-Feb-2017 General Feedback "JUST NEED TO MAKE BANK DEPOSIT"
ALLY MILLER  on 11-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "There was no one there to meet and greet at the agreed time of 08:30. I called the taxi firm at 08:33 asking where the person was. I was informed the taxi was on its way and it should be no more than 10 minutes. The reason given was heavy traffic. I called again at 08:51, again at 09:06, again at 09:09 and again at 09:22. Each time being told that the taxi was on its way and stuck in traffic. On the 09:22 I told the person who answered the phone that I was in another taxi and heading for my meeting I had planned for 09:30. I was told my money would be refunded to my credit card that day. This is 11 January 2017, 6 days later and still not refunded. A gentleman phoned me at 09:25 apologising for not getting there on time. He said he had been on another job. Therefore I was lied to a number of times when I was told he was stuck in traffic, he was 5 minutes away, I'm tracking him and he's round the corner. I'm still waiting for a refund of my money. Can you please do something to return my money. I would appreciate an update on where we are with my refund. "
JOHN SIMPSON  on 06-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "A few minutes late but really nice driver"
ODETTE MANICARO  on 03-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Super"
LEE HOGGINS  on 09-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "very good service "
TIM BRYAN  on 02-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Very friendly, polite, discreet driver"
NIALL DEEGAN  on 15-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "We booked a return journey from Birmingham airport to coombe abbey hotel. Both drivers were punctual and friendly. Will avail of the service next time and would recommend the service. "
CARON YOUNG  on 13-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "brill"
NAGAMANY SELVA RAJAH  on 11-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "An efficient , friendly and reliable service. "
NO COMMENT  on 01-Oct-2016 General Feedback "Plaza cars erdington taxi drivers turned my phone off after leaving it in the cab minutes before reporting it to the base which was rude, unhelpful and kept the phone! Thiefs!!!! Be careful what you leave behind in this taxi company! "
NO COMMENT  on 01-Oct-2016 General Feedback "Plaza cars erdington taxi drivers turned my phone off after leaving it in the cab minutes before reporting it to the base which was rude, unhelpful and kept the phone! Thiefs!!!! Be careful what you leave behind in this taxi company! "
JULIA HOOD  on 20-Sep-2016 Verified Rider " Good service"
GREGORY BENTLEY  on 18-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "Perfect."
CHAKRADHAR RAO GUDUR  on 17-Sep-2016 Verified Rider "HI I have booked Mecedeces Vito to meet my 8 suitcases and 8 small bagages. But you have sent VW Sharan HD08EHK and it was not suiting my requirement. There was no meet & greet and I was to call many times to your office and the driver. I have booked at 1945 and you have sent me the vehicle 2025hrs with lot of follow up. It created a lot of inconvenience due to wrong vehicle and delayed service. I have sent my feedback through your website but no response received from you. I am not happy with you service and I request you to take necessary actions. Thanks Chakra"
JAMES IMLACH  on 19-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "Would use your firm again"
ANDREW ELLIOTT  on 07-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "I had specified for car seats for my 2 babies for my pickup from the airport. When the driver arrived no car seats were in there. I was put in the position of waiting at the airport for another hour or risk travelling with my babies without car seats. Unacceptable. I will book direct with a taxi firm in the future so I can confirm specifics."
TOMASZ BAJOWSKI  on 05-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "Great service, thanks."
LASSINE COULIBALY  on 02-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent"
JUNE BERMINGHAM  on 19-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "good experience- relaxing journey."
DERMOT ELLIS  on 08-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Pick up to the airport Ontime.. Pick up from airport 45 mins late due driver not being advised of amended times but other then that spot on"
ROBERT DEVINE  on 07-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was here before time on the outward journey, and telephoned as soon as I had turned my phone back on when the plane had landed,to give us a pick up time,which he arrived at the time said.He provived a very good service,and was very friendly and helpful.Would certainly us him again."
ROBIN GREEN  on 01-Jun-2016 General Feedback "simple and easy, thank you."
FLO TILLING  on 22-May-2016 Verified Rider "Very nice, even went back to get something we'd forgotten with no bother. Didn't struggle to find us and was on time."
KARL MORGANS  on 21-May-2016 Verified Rider "I paid the driver not realising the debit card payment was taken. Therefore journey cost twice as much "
EMMA  on 20-May-2016 General Feedback "Rang this company to collect my elderly grandparents they are Awful! after 20 mins waiting I called to see where the driver was and was told he was a couple of mins away, 30 secs later I get a call from the driver the job had only just been past to him and would have to wait a further 10 mins absolutely awful customer service, should have been told at the time of booking it was a 30 min wait! "
PETER SMITH  on 20-May-2016 Verified Rider "good"
NEIL ENDALL  on 13-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was on time from our house but didn't know the way to the airport! I had to direct him. Also, the minibus smelt of cigarettes. Whilst the driver was very helpful, his swearing wasn't welcomed especially as we had an 8 year old in the back. We were impressed that the driver had tracked our flight for the return journey and called us to say he was there on time even though we landed early. Again sadly, the minibus smelt of cigarettes and the drivers bad language wasn't very professional. If it hadn't been for the swearing and cigarette smell he would have had 5 stars. "
WERNER ANNAERT  on 13-Mar-2016 Verified Rider "My first experience with your service in Birmingham was not good. The taxi driver did not show up at the meeting point. I had to call the office and wait another 20 minutes. Next, he did not have a reliable navigation system and could not find my destination. I started using Google Maps on my smart phone. So, an experience that makes me call another company next week."
JENNY HEALY  on 29-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "Driver was able to pick us up later to accommodate a change in circumstances which was very good. Think we may have been able to arrive using a shorter route so perhaps a little more planning was required for the first journey but the return journey was better. Overall very pleased with the service"
AUDREY CRAIG  on 20-Feb-2016 Verified Rider "thank you, this worked out really well, the driver was a very good considerate driver amongst the busy traffic (no sudden braking!), and also very courteous and helpful."
MOHD REDZUAN HASSAN  on 24-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Thank you. Sorry can I change the booking time to 11.30am. Otherwise,please advice.Thanks again"
FRANK ALSOP  on 31-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy booking process - saved all the hassle of making phone calls"
LEE DYKE  on 22-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Easy to Book"
ELIZABETH SMITH  on 19-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was prompt curtious and extremely pleasant and friendly. We will definitely use you in the future. Many thanks"
DALE GOLDSBY  on 14-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "40 plus minutes late to pick me up. ride was fine after that, driver very good and courteous"
ROWENA GONZALES  on 14-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "The driver is on time and the service is good."
VAL MALLEY  on 09-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Whilst the taxi driver was very pleasant and I have no complaints at all about the taxi journeys, I am very disappointed by the quality of service I received when I initially contacted the office to ask where the taxi was when I first arrived at the airport. The person who answered the phone said he had no booking, everyone was out on school runs. He told me he had no means of checking the booking reference, that he has no way of contacting or checking the booking site: a bizarre way to do business. I called again to explain that I had prepaid the cab, had confirmation of payment and of the booking: I was asked to call back after 10am to speak to Janine. I eventually did get a cab, 45 mins after the confirmed booking, and was late for my appointment despite the drivers best efforts. The driver was very apologetic about the situation and actually arrived a few minutes early for my return trip, so I have no complaint about him at all. I'm not sure that I would trust your booking system in future."
PAT O;BRIEN  on 06-Dec-2015 General Feedback "I ordered a taxi from Birmingham airport last Wednesday 02/12 ref TC65BC69D26D , this taxi never arrived , we contacted the number provided but no help was provided , my card was also debited"
PAT O;BRIEN  on 06-Dec-2015 General Feedback "I ordered a taxi from Birmingham airport last Wednesday 02/12 ref TC65BC69D26D , this taxi never arrived , we contacted the number provided but no help was provided , my card was also debited"
PAT O;BRIEN  on 01-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "booked"
DALE GOLDSBY  on 01-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "very easy process, and fast "
ELIZABETH SMITH  on 21-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Booking very smooth and office answered all my requests giving me confidence to book"
JARLE EEK  on 04-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "The Birmingham Airport taxi service is cheaper. Would have used them if their web booking had been working. "
HEATHER JOHNSTON  on 02-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy to book and a fab price"
CHRYS TREMTHTHANMOR  on 21-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "All great, thanks!"
ROBINA SIMPSON  on 19-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "My taxi arrived 30 mins late which, in turn, made me very late for a conference which I was speaking at. The driver phoned me to meet him outside and I could barely understand him due to a lack of english. No applolgy was made at any point about his lateness."
ERIC EADES  on 17-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "A fussy service, I had no issue with others."
THOMAS CORRIGAN  on 12-Oct-2015 General Feedback "I ordered a taxi but got an e-mail back telling me they hadn@t got a driver, this was at 7;45am from the airport to Coventry. I had no bother getting my own taxi at the airport and it was cheaper"
RONNY MITCHELL  on 08-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Easy and efficent"
THOMAS CORRIGAN  on 05-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "Handy enough"
RUSSELL BAYLISS  on 01-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "very engaging drivers, not just sat like robots not speaking. Had a road closure on route to the airport, but the driver reassured us that it wasn't a problem and an alternative route was soon found. would definitely use the service again. 5/5 Russ Bayliss...Sutton Coldfield. "
MARGARET RANDLE  on 23-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Apparently the taxi that picked the guys up this morning was a VW people carrier that was on the small side (a 5+2 rather than a true 7 seater). Not the Mercedes Viano that was promised). One passenger in particular was pretty cramped in the back with all the luggage. I understand the traffic was exceptionally bad due to an accident on the M6 but a phone call would have been nice to inform the First named passenger or myself. It is always better to be fore warned and you had all the details to do this. "
OLIVIER GUILLARD  on 23-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Very convenient trip. Taxi ontime, smooth journey and professional driver."
DEIRDRE KERSLAKE  on 11-Sep-2015 Verified Rider "Great service and lovely driver. He got caught in traffic so was a little late picking us up on return to airport but nevertheless I would highly recommend this company. "
PAUL NORTH  on 18-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "Outward journey very good. return journey there was no meet and greet as driver was not aware of this and we did left the airport 45 minutes late as wrong flight details were given and driver did not turn up until 13.38 hrs This incorrect info was not supplied by us."
DEBRA ANN DEWS  on 13-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "really impressed easy to book, arrived on time for pick up and return, driver friendly and would use you again."
EDUARD DE BRUIJN  on 10-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "Nice driver, solid ride"
DR BELFORD  on 03-Aug-2015 Verified Rider "The car was both dirty and smally. Seats were stained. Wont rebook"
BILLY BUCHANAN  on 27-Jul-2015 Verified Rider "This was by far the worst taxi journey I have ever had and if i had time i would have complained. 1) There was no meet and greet - he was 40 minutes late - so I was late for a very important meeting. 2) The car was very dirty and I would be surprised if it has an MOT 3) Driver drove so erratically I was on teh verge of asking him to stop so i could get out. If i were you i would never use this driver again "
EVIE GLYPTI  on 26-Jul-2015 Verified Customer "Excellent price! Really easy to book!!"
GRAHAM KEITH COX  on 24-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "Your driver was given a collection time 30 mins late. There could have been a serious consequence."
DIANE SOMERFIELD  on 16-Jun-2015 Verified Customer "Easy to use and immediate response. Very fast confirmation emails. Excellent Highly recommended"
TIMOTHY JONES  on 08-Jun-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was great. Quick transfer. Cheers"
BARRY CHANCE  on 14-May-2015 Verified Rider "Flight was late. Could not find taxi as lots of other taxis & cars Otherwise no problems thanks Taxi driver very polite"
JANICE HUGHES  on 10-May-2015 Verified Customer "Easy to book and good price"
CLAIRE LW GRAHAM  on 03-May-2015 Verified Rider "I would actually only allocate 0/5 for each of the above, but this is not possible. I paid £15 extra for a 'meet and greet' and did not receive this service. I also sent an email about this which was ignored. The driver on the return journey called at the collection time to say he would be late, then proceeded to drive like a crazy person to the airport.| A really bad service. Not value for money. I was really ripped off, based on what was promised on your website and will be telling people NOT to use your service."
DANIEL FRIEDMANN  on 20-Apr-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was more than on time even though my plane arrived early. He was friendly but didn't quite know the way to the Hilton despite the exact post code and was chatting on the phone during the trip. The fare was lower than other offers and I will use this sevice again."
CHRISTINE MAXWELL  on 17-Apr-2015 Verified Customer "Great website!"
CHRISTINE MAXWELL  on 17-Apr-2015 Verified Customer "Great website!"
STEPHEN DALLAS  on 16-Apr-2015 Verified Customer "Ref booking TC65C58CD9. The Flight number is BE403 due to arrive at 11:55. The return flight is BE416 due to depart at 20;00."
PAOLO  on 30-Mar-2015 Verified Customer "great"
CATHERINE ROCKETT  on 24-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "Very happy with the service. Would prefer to be given the driver number as we were trying to contact him when in arrivals and got a fax machine. Otherwise all was fine."
JOSEPH MOOG  on 17-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "Driver for the return journey didn't show up, nor did he try to contact me. Waiting 15 minutes but no show, so had to take another taxi as couldn't wait any longer as I had a flight to catch. Wouldn't recommend,"
KATH MACDONALD  on 17-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "excellent service, on time for pick up both ways and would use again. 4 overall only because the car was quite old but reasonably comfortable."
KELLY  on 07-Mar-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy to use and happy now all booked and was so easy to do online. So pleased and at a very good price. Thank you "
LUTZ FLEISCHHACKER  on 03-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "The driver was 50 minutes late. Then told us over the phone to look for him in the parking lot before he arrived. The car was in a lousy condition and needed cleaning. I recommend rubber gloves."
ESTHER VAN DALEN  on 24-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "I booked meet & greet, but the driver was not at the airport and wait for over 20 minutes. I booked and payed over the Internet, after the end of this Journey the driver want Cash. Never again!!!!"
DAVID CARRUTHERS  on 22-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "The driver tried to charge waiting time?"
WILLIAM BARRON  on 17-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Good reliable and courteous service. Thanks."
PETER MCBRIEN  on 11-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "The Taxi never turned up and when i rang the office they said they had no booking and no taxi s available yet i got a confirmation email telling me the taxi was booked"
JANET MUEHLBACHER  on 11-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Good Service."
TOMASZ BARNERT  on 09-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "In one way it was all ok, at time, nice driver. But unfortunately, back to the airport was a nightmare. I almost missed my flight because someone does not know how to distinguish between 5am from 5pm. I would not recommend anyone a company that puts the customer at such trouble. I'm looking forward a refund."
TONY ENGLAND  on 02-Feb-2015 Verified Customer "Great service and so easy !"
SARAH BARRY  on 02-Feb-2015 Verified Rider "Great service, thank you"
HAYLEY ALLEN  on 27-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "Driver was late on pick up but overall good."
ELAINE C JOHNSON  on 13-Jan-2015 Verified Rider "Arrived at the airport safely, and in good time, despite road works and rain. Comfortable and smooth ride. Would book again to save the long trip for my family. Gave me good peace of mind."
MARC WINCHESTER  on 11-Dec-2014 Verified Customer "good service."
RUTH GILLIGAN  on 28-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Half an hour late and unapologetic. Woman on the phone wouldn't give me a clear answer on the taxi's whereabouts. Nearly missed my flight. "
WALDEK  on 25-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "I will use it next time!"
JAMES MUIR  on 25-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Please note that unfortunately the car didn't arrive and having called the numbers provided we eventually ended up having to get a lift from the client we were meeting with. We require a refund on the payment we made with my credit card."
MONICA MCKENNA  on 11-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "easy to book great value would highly recommend the service "
TOM DORAN  on 10-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Easy on line booking. Best value online. This was the first time I have used this taxi firm. I would highly recommend them for service and value. The taxi driver text me to say he was on his way and when he arrived. A very professional gentleman who reflected the quality of service from Joanne in the office who checked with me on flights 10 /10"
JULIA BURNS  on 06-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "I was very happy with the service."
MARTINA WARREN  on 06-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "An excellent and professional service. Would highly recommend. "
ANDREW MARTIN  on 06-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Our driver, Mr Choudry, was on time for both legs, friendly and helpful. Thank you."
ANDREAS HEHL  on 06-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Can you send us a invoice for this Transaction (Reference: TC656C0566) please. Thank You Andreas Hehl"
ANDREAS HEHL  on 06-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Can you send us a invoice for this Transaction (Reference: TC656C0566) please. Thank You Andreas Hehl"
RUTH TURNER  on 11-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "The car was not at the airport at the booked time. My wife had to call the car office twice to see what was happening but could not wait any longer, so she took a black cab."
MR P BROWN  on 10-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Very pleased! We were early and the driver was calling us before we'd even got off the plane, would Definately recomend this service and i'll be seeing you next year, many thanks "
BOGDAN NEGOITA  on 04-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Overall the trip from Birmingham International to the desired destination was ok. However, having paid for the 'Meet and Greet' option I realized that it was a waste of money. The driver was not present in the arrivals area and upon calling Plaza Cars I was told that he was waiting in a blue Ford Focus in the short term parking area."
MR PAUL GRINHAM  on 29-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Great service"
SHANE O'BYRNE  on 26-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "Excellent service and a friendly driver. Thanks again"
GRAHAM BAILEY  on 26-Aug-2014 Verified Customer "Really lıke the meet and greet servıce. Saces waıtıng around for your taxı co come."
DILIS BIESHEUVEL  on 23-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Driver was 25min late on my arrival trip. Driver was 50min late on my departure trip. Frustrating since I had to call myself to ask for the status. On my last trip I missed my flight. Sometimes you just have bad luck, but this service is really bad. I will never use this taxi service again... "
VEERINDER SINGH NAZRAN  on 23-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Very good service. Will use again."
MICHAEL DROHAN  on 08-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "I'm extremely unhappy with the service. My taxi was 45 minutes late, which meant my hole itinerary got pushed back and caused me to get caught in M6 Friday rush hour traffic and my journey to holyhead to catch a ferry took five and half hours instead of the expected three and a half hours. I missed my ferry and to wait in holyhead for 7 hours to catch the next one and also pay a re booking fee. So to be honest I will not be recommending your service to anybody. It's not reliable. "
HARRY KELLER  on 01-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi on way back (to airport) was not in good shape.... else very happy with service"
ROBIN FORSTER  on 19-Jun-2014 Verified Rider "Very Happy will use again. "
MARK DEERE  on 24-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Taxi was more than 30mins late in turning up for outward journey. Phoned several times but was lied to initially as to the reason for the delay. Return journey was fine. I have no complaints about either driver."
OLE SORENSEN  on 20-Mar-2014 Verified Customer "great service, and follow up!"
CAROLINE ROUTLEDGE  on 20-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Was not advised to contact taxi on arrival and so stood waiting for some time for pick-up. "
PETER ELLEN  on 05-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "Really nice driver - very quiet, but polite. Got us home in the minimum of time and was calm all the way. It's great to be picked up from the door, with no fuss whatsoever. Thank you"
MR H KING  on 04-Feb-2014 Verified Customer "Very easy site to use and competitive rates."
MS PARKER-WILLIAMS  on 12-Jan-2014 Verified Customer "Quick and easy booking. FAQ also very useful"
WILLIAM MADDOX  on 30-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Very satisfied with the service. Just one slight qualm re. price: £43 a bit on the expensive side for this route - £30-35 usually the norm"
JOHNSHEEHAN  on 26-Dec-2013 Verified Customer "excellent easy to use website"
NATALIE CHAN-LAM  on 04-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Really poor service and really disappointed, will never use this company again. When taxi didn't arrive after 15 minutes, I rung the office only then to be told that the taxi had a tyre puncture - but they would be here in 10 minutes. Half an hour later and after 2 poorly answered phone calls the taxi arrived - making it 45 minutes late. Ended up having to run for my plane. If it hadnt have been pre paid I'd have just got a black cab."
WILLIAM BURNETT  on 04-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent Service"
PAUL RABONE  on 12-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "perfect"
JACOB SALDER  on 03-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "Easy to book, car turned up right on time, driver was helpful, and everything was as smooth as could be. "
ALFRED BERNHARD LINNEMANN  on 28-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "Thanks."
KEVIN MEANLEY  on 25-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "No car waiting for us. Spent 10 minutes searching for it in dark car park. Phoned company who said driver was waiting for us. I told the operator he was not there. He turned up about 10-15 minutes later. He said our contact phone was incorrect but the contact number I gave you was confirmed by yourselves as the correct one. We have used airport transfers overseas on many occasions without problems. This is the first time we had used one in the UK and frankly it was very poor by comparison."
TRACEY MCMAHON  on 24-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "The driver was not waiting for us on the first booked trip. We had to call the office (who said they didn't have a booking) and waited over 45 minutes for him to arrive. When we got out of the car both my husband and I commented he smelt of alcohol. On the return journey the driver was not waiting in the terminal as described in the FAQ and we had to call again to arrange a meeting point. I will not be using your service again."
DR CLAUDIA GILLBERG  on 21-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "There seemed to be some confusion regarding pick up time; I had several missed phone calls from the taxi company on my mobile well ahead of the time I had stipulated, but no driver was in the arrivals hall once I did get there. It took more than half an hour to find the driver. There seemed to be a glitch in the communication between Birmingham Airport Taxis and the taxi company that got the job. Apart from that all was fine and went smoothly."
ANDY JOHNSTON  on 14-Oct-2013 General Feedback "Please can you refund me for the Taxi I booked for 7 October, then cancelled after being told by your company that you would not be able to pick me up. You have billed me £32.76. Thanks, Andrew Johnston. "
KETHEESWARY  on 03-Oct-2013 General Feedback "Payment details"
PETRA BUCK  on 02-Oct-2013 Verified Rider "kept searching for the driver for 30 minutes when I arrived, driver got lost in Nottingham, we were going round in circles for more than 30 minutes, finally dropped me in a different place because driver could not find the destination, driver was unable to follow instructions from the sat nav, no receipt available, driver kept the windows open although I asked him to close them because it was too cold. Will never use this service again, worst taxi experience ever."
AUDREY MCCRONE  on 25-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "The driver was 20 minutes late in picking us up at the airport and had to make a call to the company, the driver called me a couple of times, mix up to where he was to pick us up. Fine on the way back, he was there on time"
LUKE PARKER  on 11-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "5 minutes late on collection from airport but nothing outrageous. On collection to the airport the driver was at least 30minutes late, and even asked if we knew any shortcuts to the airport. Then dropped us off on the outside car lane as he didn't want to pay for parking, making us later than we already were. Very disappointed as we had per booked and pre paid with clear times."
EILEEN BLAMIRE-BROWN  on 10-Sep-2013 Verified Customer "Easy to book"
GILES ANDERSON  on 06-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "Decent service, however it was not clear where the driver would be waiting. Expected someone to be at departures with a card. It took several telephone calls to locate our driver. "
STEPHEN VICKERS  on 27-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "We didn't know what vehicle to look out for at the airport. The journey from Birmingham to Leeds was a long way round"
M RAHMAN  on 19-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Plazza Cars provided an excellent service. Reliable and friendly. "
DENISE BOWLES  on 18-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Booking process ok but taxi arrived more than half an hour late due to roadworks - I would have expected him to check beforehand - we almost didn't make our check-in time. Journey back was very slow - the driver's speedo was not working and he didn't use his sat Nav - we had to tell him where to go! I would appreciate some refund as we did not have a very good start to our holiday as we were all stressed and were worried we would miss our flight. We will not use you again"
MAX  on 17-Aug-2013 Verified Customer "Really easy booking process - hopefully the service will be as efficient as the booking!"
A. DELFGAAUW  on 15-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "good service."
RICHARD LAIT  on 12-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent service, good value for money and I would definitely use the service again, as well as recommend to others."
JOHN CORFIELD  on 05-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Plane was delayed, and as I was on the plane, could not contact them, but as soon as the phone was on in the terminal, there was a controller on the phone updating me. Driver was waiting at the apointed place as soon as I came out of arrivals. Could not ask for more!"
MARTIN ELLIS  on 02-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "I will not be using this service again. We had to phone three times and were told yes the driver will be with you in a few minutes. He was in fact 30 minutes late. He was sullen, had earphones on the whole of the journey and consistently broke the speed limits. Never again. If I get the chance to put Plaza Cars on trip advisor I will. Terrible company"
MRS. MAUREEN FLOODY  on 30-Jul-2013 Verified Customer "I found this site hard to use."
ELAINE CRAWFORD  on 20-Jul-2013 Verified Customer "5star competitive price and friendly staff"
NICK HOWES  on 06-Jul-2013 Verified Rider "Taxi was on time and driver was helpful and polite in spite of our being only half-awake at 4am! Would book again."
DIANA IONEL  on 03-Jun-2013 Verified Rider "Punctual service. Friendly & helpful driver."
CHRISTINE HARRISON  on 24-May-2013 Verified Rider "Whilst our outbound taxi arrived on time, it did not have the childs booster seat that we had been told had been added to our booking. On our return journey the taxi was 15 mins late (again with no childs booster seat) with no apology for this from the driver or the switchboard staff (of which I had to call twice to find out what was happening with our taxi). Considering we booked this in advance, a very poor service and one will would not reccomend and certainly will not be using again."
JON PICKUP  on 30-Apr-2013 Verified Rider "Taxi booked for 10:10 Taxi arrived 10:25 Plane was early and I was at the collection point at 10:00 - not picked up by your monitoring"
RODERICK WILLIAMS  on 29-Apr-2013 Verified Customer "Only problem I had was you require my full name on the billing side where all other transactions require the name as shown on the card. This confused me a little and it would have been helpful if it could have highlighted the actual area where the problem was."
PETER HUNT  on 28-Apr-2013 Verified Customer "A very easy system to use, No need to search for taxi numbers. Fantastic."
COLIN BREEDON  on 16-Apr-2013 Verified Rider "Pricing was good. The driver was competent and helpful with our luggage. Very easy to book over the internet."
MRS CHRISTINE SINCLAIR  on 20-Feb-2013 Verified Rider "Journey to airport excellent. Driver polite, drove carefully and pickup on time. Home however a different story. 2 phonecalls and 40mins later he arrived. 1st phonecall were told 15-20 mins and driver would phone. After 30 mins no call. I phoned again.Told to walk to carpark. Another 10 min he arrived. He had phoned but only just before arrival. Frustrating when not kept informed. Shame, as we were going to recommend.At no point were we apologised to by either receptionist or driver. "
ORRIN HIPKIN  on 04-Feb-2013 Verified Rider "Late driver, poor driving standard, poor knowledge of area."
ANGELA  on 30-Jan-2013 Verified Customer "Excellent price and service"
HENDRIK EMBRECHTS  on 30-Jan-2013 Verified Customer "GOOD SERVICE"
PETER MILLARD  on 24-Jan-2013 Verified Customer "very easy to use service with excellent price if the service is as good as the website will be using the company on a regular basis"
LAUREN  on 04-Dec-2012 General Feedback "I contacted several companies for a quote and Plaza Cars came out not only cheapest but the people I spoke to on the phone were very friendly and our driver was great. Thanks - highly recommended :)"
GILLIAN BEESON  on 24-Nov-2012 Verified Customer "Excellent easy site thanks"
GLYN HUGHES  on 20-Nov-2012 Verified Customer "Good price, easy to use website, thanks"
STEVE FLANAGAN  on 01-Nov-2012 Verified Rider "All in all an excellent service. The driver was punctual and polite and early on both journeys. Really gave me confidence when I walked through immigration and immediately received a call from the driver asking when we'd like him to pick us up - he was already there. Well done. Price was quite expensive but the service was exceptional."
WAFAA KHATIB  on 30-Oct-2012 Verified Customer "great and easy to book ataxi, highlly recommended"
MARTIN BLOWS  on 10-Oct-2012 Verified Rider "I've emailed you feedback to Jaoanna as what I wanted to say would not fit into this box."
DAVID ROOTS  on 26-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "Apart from a glitch about where we should meet the driver, an excellent service"
RICHARD NINNESS  on 26-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "Couldn't fault the service. Best price I could find online, prompt pickup and comfortable journey. Highly recommended."
BEN MCARDLE  on 22-Aug-2012 Verified Rider "Prompt confirmation by email. Outward driver to the airport arrived in time so we left at the time I booked (rather than the taxi appearing at the time I booked); excellent! Return driver was a little late in picking us up, but a good, friendly service. I would definitely use your service again. It's great not having to fumble around for English money when coming off a 17 hour flight!"
ROSEMARY SLATER  on 15-Aug-2012 Verified Rider "excellent service from online booking through to our return journey"
ANNE RYAN  on 07-Aug-2012 Verified Rider "Easy to use site, helpful staff, competitively priced. One small complaint in that we were told the incorrect vehicle collecting us on our return so we were waiting on the airport carpark for over 20 minutes with very tired, small children!"
TED FOULGER  on 12-Jul-2012 Verified Customer "never used a taxi to go on holiday before, a couple of queries & a prompt, positive and polite response to my email I went ahead with the booking. Taking diving equipment w on holiday having the choice of vehicle for a taxi specifying passengers and level of luggage an excellent add on. Also impressed that they monitor flight times so if there are any delays in our return flight they promise to be there when we do land. Why didn't I do this before? "
BALREED  on 12-Jul-2012 Verified Rider "Easy booking and payment process. A very good service thank you."
ROGER GRAHAM  on 05-Jul-2012 Verified Customer "Very easy to use site for booking "
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